Memphis Star Suspended, Must Donate Over 11K to Charity

Star freshman big man, James Wiseman, who was the center of controversy the past couple of weeks, has officially been suspended by the NCAA for 11 games, which leaves him out until January 12th. He must also donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice to become eligible again. Apparently, a couple years back, current Memphis head coach, Penny Hardaway, provided Wiseman’s mother with some financial support to help with the cost of moving from Nashville to Memphis. The issue stems from the fact that Penny has been classified as a “booster” since 2008, when at the time he made a 7-figure donation to Memphis. Because of that, Penny’s payment to Wiseman’s mother was a violation the moment he was hired as the Memphis head coach, per the NCAA bylaws. Memphis issued a statement saying they will “immediately appeal this decision”. Let me be clear, I think Wiseman having to pay that kind of money to a random charity that the NCAA could care less about is an absolute joke. But at this point, this is the NCAA we all know and loathe. From a Memphis basketball standpoint, this hurts, and it would hurt any team to lose a projected top 5 NBA draft prospect, but Penny has enough talent to keep them afloat until Wiseman is back. It will be interesting to see how this team comes together once all the pieces are finally in place, if that ever even happens.

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